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Project Elements: Geia Titan - Galahad


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Geia Titan - Galahad is the titan whose main weapon is its shield.  This titan is inspired by a few things, Nya's Samurai Mech (9448) (or 70737 Titan Mech Battle), 2nd generation of Bionicle, and Fate anime series.  First, it's about the usage of cowcatcher piece (link).  I saw TLG keep using it as shoulder armor and I thought it would look good if I put it around its waist. It turns out nicely.  Next, it is about 2nd generation of Bionicle. In 2015, TLG rebooted a legendary, epic theme, Bionicle. However, all the new characters are like coming out from Hero Factory with Bionicle's names.  One thing and the only thing I like about the rebooted Bionicle is the surfing board which is inspired by Toa Lhikan (8811).  The last thing that inspired me is the Fate anime series. In Fate/Grand Order, the main female character is bonded to a servant, Galahad, whose main weapon is also a shield. I thought it would be cool if I named this titan Galahad.


About its look, Geia Titan - Galahad wears a very slick armor and contains many Nexo-shield on it because it is a knight. Before the armor got rusty, it was the shiniest titan of all.  If Quasimodo has the strongest armor, Galahad has the strongest shield. The shield can split into two blades which allow Galahad to defend itself.

It contains about 459 pieces (mostly are small) and the price ranges from $30 to $40.

This includes:

  • One minifigure 
  • One giant shield


P.s. Its cockpit bothered me a lot when I was building it.  Soon, I realized I could use clips to close the cockpit which make the pilot have some trouble getting out.  This feature makes this titan so unique than other titans.

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