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Singer and Pianist


You have been invited to an exclusive concert by one of the hottest singers on the music charts.  Joined by her piano accompanist, this singer is sure to fill your imagination with some wonderful songs.

This simple set uses only 100 pieces and fits on a small 8 stud by 12 stud baseplate.  However, this mini-scene is full of potential.  Let your imagination run wild.  What song is being played on the piano?  What does the singer's voice sounds like? Where is she singing?  How well do the singer and the pianist get along?  How long have they been performing together?  Does he write the music and she write the lyrics?  Create an entire story about this singer's music career and the pianist's musical talent.  The small number of pieces in this set proves that you don't need a lot of pieces to have a lot of imaginative play.

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