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Garden on Main Street


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Chef Albert is worried about his business.  Restaurant patrons are down and the terrace area is empty all the time.  The issue is a new building was completed earlier this year and it is blocking the terrace’s view.

Albert explained his concerns to his best friend Lucy and she said “Don’t worry, I already have an awesome idea”.

Lucy has held various town hall meetings with city officials, neighborhood business owners and environmental groups.  Within weeks, an agreement has been reached.  A garden will be built between the two properties.

Right now, it needs local resident’s approval - 10,000 signatures are required. .Lucy has asked her best friend for help to drop the petition in your mailbox.  If you get one please sign and mail it back.

One more thing, Lucy’s friend only works at night and he is working less now in the northern hemisphere.  If you like the proposal, do not want to wait and want to save the environment, sign-in and cast your vote.

Thank You

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