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Classic Space Friendly - Scout Ship

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This is one of the new projects I am starting up to show modern ships that hold classic space series minifigs. All these models will be able to hold minifigs with the original air tanks. Models showed will cover all possible price points. Colours can always be changed.

This model is a heavy scout ship. It is well armed but also has a cockpit that is standard for most of the larger models. There is a lower hold underneath the main seat, and a forward bay for holding either a passenger or an astromech droid. The cockpit canopy is on a hinge to raise up to allow access to the upper and forward compartments of the cockpit, and the sides and rear have can open up to get into the lower storage bay.

I have not included any details on the accessories or minifigs in the screenshots, this is primarily showcasing some of the models that could work for a classic space reboot.

There have been plenty of more detailed themes in the past but it would be great to get back to basics. This is an attempt to get back to the originality and creativity that made Lego great in the first place.

This is a new look that I've added - the classic white and blue look of the 2nd gen classic space ships.

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