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House with Complete Interior

    This idea for a set is a house with a very detailed exterior and interior! As you can see from the pictures, the house has one bedroom, one bathroom, a kitchen, a living room, an attic, and a garage. Also, the model comes with a LEGO minifigure and and a LEGO car. When you open the house using it’s hinges, you can see all of the intricate details. On the first floor (after you take off the other floors), you can see a kitchenette, a fire place, a swivel chair, flat screen television, and a set of stairs. After you take off the roof of  the garage, it reveals a space for the car, tools and appliances, and a work table for tinkering. You can also lift the garage door to to drive the car in or out of the available space. When you get to the second floor, you can see the bathroom and bedroom. The bed can fit a minifigure inside of it to make it look like he is getting into his bed. Another detail would be the phone mounted on the wall. In the house, lastly, when you take a look at the attic, you will see an old couch, some storage, a folded step ladder, and some LEGO sets behind the couch. You can then fold the step ladder down to the second floor so the minifigure can climb up to the attic. Finally, there are many exterior details. These may include; a trash can, a tree, some greenery, vents and textures on the house and garage walls, and lights. As for my inspiration for this project, a looked at LEGO Modular Buildings and Creator houses. I was inspired by their amazing details and tile work.

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