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Mittens the Kitten


Mittens is a fun loving, laid back kitten. She likes to curl up by a warm fire on cold, wintery nights, and jump and play in the sunshine on long, sunny days!

This model is challenging to build, yet satisfying. It is formed of mostly simple elements such as regular square/rectangular bricks and plates- no curves here! Another thing that sets this model apart is the rotating head. This can be moved and posed manually, when younger children play with the model, but there is also the potential for the more experienced LEGO fan to add a motor and program it to move as they wish! The inside of the model is therefore largely hollow, to aid with the addition of motors if desired, and to make it lighter.

Mittens is of a comparable design and size to my previous projects Spike (a dragon), and Pete (a penguin). I used similar techniques to the ones I used to build these when I was building Mittens, giving her a classic LEGO style, "blocky" appearance.

Please support my project if you would like it to be a reality, and want to have your very own "Mittens" on your desk, bedside table, or in your child's bedroom/playroom (if they are lucky enough for you to not keep him for yourself!).

Thank you for taking the time to view my project, and feel free to share it with other people who may enjoy it!

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