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Ghost Hunters and the Haunted House


Sophia and Alan, only members of their Paranormal Club, read the news on the internet, that during night, there were some strange noises coming from an abandoned house few miles down the road. They grabbed some ghost hunting equipment and hopped into a car. After arrival they broke in through the back door and immediately started investigating.
Something wasn't right from the start. Old rocking chair was moving on its own, making blood chilling creaks. TV was on, despite place having no working electricity. White noise was all it aired. Alan tried to run, but Sophia stopped him and begged him to stay, she really wanted for her dream to come true, to finally see a ghost and take a picture of it. He unenthusiastically agreed to stay. They grabbed their tools and started their search. It didn't take long to notice some creepy family pictures on the walls, all of them, without exception, had one family member's face scribbled over.
After checking the first floor they moved upstairs. They had this strange unnerving feeling, that they are being watched. Place was dark, but Sophia managed to find a book, no, a dairy! Her EMP reader went crazy, it had to be the ghost's possession. When she touched it, large drawer hidden in darkness jumped with a thunder. This time it was Alan who was begging, begging Sophia to leave the diary alone, it clearly angers the ghost, but she was to close to her goal, she had to finish this. Despite Alan's plead she opened it...
-She saw it!- Drawer opened with a slam, ghost launched towards the trespassers. -NOO!- Total mayhem kicked off, everybody screamed and ran. Then Alan did what he does best, with his knowledge he gained from watching Animal Planet, he started to play dead like a possum. His plan worked perfectly, ghost just stopped for a while, took a wierd look at thim and began to chase Sophia. Ghost wasn't having an easy job catching her, she was so fast and her screams earsplitting to say at least. Sophia blasted through the front door, jumped into the car and drive off with tires screeching, in panic, leaving poor Alan behind.
Alan still laying one the floor, with one eye opened, watched how the ghost came back home, sat on the rocking chair and started to watch TV. It was so tired by the chase, It couldn't catch a breath. Well... now what? Alan's plan now seemed to have some certain downsides...

  • get inside the house through the back door
  • investigate the place and search for clues
  • use your trusty EMF (electromagnetic field) reader to check for ghost's presence
  • examine the place with UV light, you may find some ghost matter
  • put mysterious video tape into the VHS player
  • find disturbing doll in the attic
  • use ouija board to ask questions to the ghost
  • get rid of the bush and discover an entrance to the basement
  • find spooky bones inside it
  • reach for a skull inside the well
  • grab the last 4'th bone from behind the boxes on the attic
  • with all 4 pieces, summon the ghost using summoning circle
  • just don't read ghost's diary, it's not nice to do so
  • ghost is watching you closely from the drawer

Idea is a mix of various ghost movie tropes and games. I always liked this genre, even low budget horros have some charm to them. Set is also an homage to one of the best Lego sets I never had :P Monster Fighters Hounted House 10228. I use same exterior colors and a little fence assembly to reference it.

Technical details
  • 1260 pieces
  • 3 minifigures
  • 1 vehicle
  • total dimensions: 22,4cm wide 44,8cm deep 20,16cm high
  • building dimensions:14,4cm wide 18,4cm deep 20,16cm high

I designed and drew all of these custom stickers myself, minifigures as well, excluding male torso piece. Aslo I'm a bad writer.

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