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Save the Brick 1x2


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Please Save the Brick 1x2. There simply is never enough!
This project is a building (potentially a minifigure’s home?), built mainly of 1x2 bricks. It is a starting point for creativity, rather than a fast and flashy build.
I hope it is both pleasing simple and versatile.

The build has individual levels that can be stacked together. I have limited the levels (to keep the cost down). Potential rooms could be used as kitchen & dining room and bedroom (but furniture and fittings are not within the scope of this project).

The build has removable floors, with a grip for easy removal and potential for multiple designs and colours.

The build has internal and external walls in different colours.
I have used some rare colours (and perhaps some bricks in colours not yet available?), but I am happy for the colours to be changed to meet any requirements.

I am not an experienced Lego creator, so I am sure you can comment on my build errors and choice of colours. Also I am not an experienced internet user, so it is all a new experiment for me, apologises if I have made any mistakes.

Please Save the Brick 1x2 and support now. Thank you.

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