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Ford Raptor R/C


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HI everyone!

This is my R/C Ford Raptor. I firmly believe that LEGO should add to their current models with more Remote Control vehicles. Therefore, I have decided to make a licensed truck in hopes that LEGO will make a real set out of it.

In addition to being remote controlled, this particular model has several features: LED lights, power functions winch, opening hood, suspension. and a V-8 engine. Here is a video showing all features:

Unfortunately, my weakness is social media. I am planning to join LEGO building groups and online forums to help. I will also see if I can put this on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Remember: This project depends on you. Any shares, pins, promotions, recommendations, awards, acknowledgements, etc. are greatly appreciated and vital to the success of this project.

If this were to be a set, LEGO might not be able to buy Ford licensing. If this is a problem, the LEGO group may manufacture this without the Ford or Raptor nameplate.

Any questions or suggestions regarding the model will be answered in the comment section as soon as possible. I will update the project as necessary. Thank you!

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