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The Sun Cafe

This is my second creation. I really love the modular buildings and have bought all of them since last May. One day, while I was playing with my Lego buildings, I thought why not have a corner that would work the opposite ways as other corners. So, I made a cafe because even thought I do have a cafe in my series already, all towns have more than one cafe. I wanted this place to be fun and happy so I picked bright colours for the writing and design and made the walls warm and welcoming.
Since I do not have a picture of the first floor, I will tell you about it. There in a counter and a computer on top of it for you to order your meals. The cashier then tells it to the upstairs kitchen through a telephone right beside the minifigure. There are three angle plates that hold the menus on top of the cashier like in a real fast food or place that is not a restaurant but you can eat at. There are 3 tables for two and one table for 4.

This is my third floor I took this picture so you could get the best view of the bathroom. The bathroom is right beside the beds. Inside, there is a toilet, a huge bathtub, a sink and a counter with a mirror and a cupboard.

This is the main part of my third floor. There is a candle on the table for a nice candle lit dinner. There are two beds for the workers to sleep in. There are more chairs than beds because the workers here sometimes have guests. I made a dresser for the workers clothes to be put in and a chest for their kids toys.

This is what the second floor would look like. I did not know about this website until a few days ago when I was working on the third floor. Thus, I could not take a picture of the other floors. On the second floor, there is a fridge, 2 stoves, 2 dishwashers, 2 sinks, and about 20 cupboards for all their cups.

This is the back of my Cafe. I knew that I love to eat my food outside in the fresh air so I decided to make use of all the space that I had in the back of my cafe. I put a door and 4 tables. The back acted like a patio. I put a trash bin for the customers to throw out their trash without going inside.

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