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When you need a metal scrap collecting cyber dino, you want STEGAROX!

This set is inspired by the Stegosaurus dinosaur in a mech form. 

STEGAROX has an dragonfly type ornithopter dropship that can survery the land and touch down anywhere. The wings double as the charging arrays for the 'thopter and the back plates for the Stego bot.

Set includes the rocks with the ore.

Pieces: 751 


1 X spiked slamming tail

2 X goo cannons for immobilizing mechs and such (unfortunately not good for robo chewing gum)

1 X hinged scrap / metal hopper

1 X Mining Dropship

1 X  mini tool mech 

1 X Rough and Tough Driver

A few X blue goo for immobilizing other mechs


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