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Italian Garden


An Italian garden is a formal type of garden developed during the Renaissance period. It is inspired by classical ideas of order and beauty. It is characterized by a geometric subdivision of the space by means of gravel paths, hedges, trees, potted plants and flower beds. It often includes water features and statues.

I enjoy visiting Italian classical gardens and I’ve tried to capture as much as I could of their essence in these two different builds:

  • the first one has an early Renaissance taste to it, with its many symmetries and a regular disposition. To me, it feels like a calming and quiet place where you can contemplate and relax.
  • The second build is inspired by late Renaissance and early Baroque styles. The fountain is part of the background wall with a greater scenic effect and the decorations are overall more elaborate.

I’ve also added a larger version created by combining two copies of this proposed set. Although, that would probably prove quite expensive, I wanted to show you further possibilities.

I designed this model at minifigure scale on a 32x32 studs base. The set includes 1894 pieces (mostly small ones). For the first build I've used 1684 of them and for the second 1688.

No minifigures are included because I didn’t have a particular back-story in mind. I think it could be a possible setting for a storyline that takes place either in the present day or in the past; it could be a historical site inside a modern city that you can go visit or could be part of a palace from another time where some noble family would live.

I think it would also make a nice display set.

I’ve included in both versions two small chairs (integrated into the side walls) that can be moved around and placed wherever you like to enjoy your own favorite spots.

You also get a golden coin to throw in the fountain and don’t forget to make a wish!

If you would like to see this project as an official LEGO Ideas set, please, support and share it.

Thank you!

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