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Pirates in a Bottle


Ahoy mates, The Pirates are back!

Build, play or display your favorite characters and ships in LEGO
Enjoy the movie and please share with your friends as much as you like to make this set real.

The set contains 1116 Pieces:
-A life size LEGO bottle
-An Island with two sides: cast away or treasure island
-3 ships: The black Pearl, Royal Navy Warship, The Flying Dutchman
-4 mini figures, wildlife, marine life and a treasure

Project designed by Stephan Niks (aka Stephanix) in LEGO Digital Designer
Animation and rendering  in 3D Studio MAX Mental Ray
Movie opening scene animated and rendered in Lumion
The movie is a sequence of 3400+ Full HD images with an average render time of 6 minutes each, totals 340 render hours.

Thanks for watching.

Design schedule:
August 2016: design in LDD
October 2016: export to 3D Studio MAX
November 2016: creating materials
January 2017: creating images
February 2017: animation and rendering
March 2017: Video edit an post production

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