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Friday Night Funkin'

What is Friday Night Funkin'?
It is a rhythm game made by a group of creators that consist of Phantom Arcade, Ninjamuffen, Kawai Sprite, and Block. You as the Boyfriend take on many foes as weeks go by with his sick beats. You will also partner alongside with the Girlfriend, becoming an unstoppable pair!
Why Did I Build This?
I wanted to show some appreciation and attention to indie games like Friday Night Funkin'. Also, I really wanted to show off my talent within the LEGO building, and this was the first idea I came up with.
My Proposal for Friday Night Funkin'.
With this build, I wanted to replicate Tutorial/Week 1 to the best that I can. In addition, I added what you would encounter when you first play Friday Night Funkin'.
Daddy Dearest

Tutorial Stage / Week 1
Going to the place where it all started. Girlfriend guides Boyfriend to the basics of Friday Night Funkin', prepping him for what is to come. Here is where you also face your first opponent, Daddy Dearest, after the tutorial. Boyfriend will go head-to-head with Daddy Dearest through 3 different tracks during week 1.

Removable Speaker!
Remove them and adjust them the way you prefer them. 

Keeping True to Friday Night Funkin'
The arrows and the health bar are going to appear in the set if you want it to be similar to the original game. The arrow can also swap side so that you can give your opponent the chance to rap!

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