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Police Hot Rod with Dog Trailer


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Hello LEGO friends,

As promised at the "Taberna el Sombrero Rojo" project,I had already introduced you to the "Ambulance Hot Rod". Now it should go on with a police hot rod with dog trailer.
Also, I have revised this hot rod so that it fits well with the police station.

After all, even in Hot Rod Town you have to use police dogs for special purposes.

It was great fun to revamp this Hot Rod for the Lego City, Hot Rod Town and Lego Speed Champions and some older Hot Rods projects more.

I modified it so that it not only fits in well with the police station,
in addition it also equipped with ample police equipment,
so that it makes a lot of creative games possible.

My goal in this project was to make the Hot Rod as realistic as possible.

Also with this project I pursue the vision to enrich the Lego world.
So that the little and big kids can play with it or just collect it.

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Brick on!
Keep on building! ;-)

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