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Observatory at the Top

Hello everyone,
Today I am here with my third ideas project, the "Observatory at the Top". First of all, I wanted to create a medieval-themed design in this project by sticking to the themes of both projects I had done before. After supporting this project, don't forget to take a look at my other projects as well. :) Let me tell you some features about MOC:
1) First of all, the MOC I designed consists of 1193 parts and includes 4 different orange shades, dark bluish gray and white, which I use for the mountain, dark green for nature, and a few extra colors.
2) The MOC floor is installed on a 20x20 lego plate and the width of the MOC is about 15.5 cm, the depth is 15.5 cm and the height is about 20 cm.
3) In the MOC, I used a wooden frame like I did in "Windmill and Wheat Field", one of my previous Ideas designs. This frame surrounds the MOC.
4) I have installed wooden stairs that run from the mountain floor to the summit and wooden columns that support them. I put handrails on the edge of the stairs and torches around the footpath.
5) The mountain bottoms are covered with a few pine trees and grasses.
6) Inside, it consists of two floors. On the first floor there is a door that can be opened and closed, a staircase going up, a black stove, (I put it so that the minifigure doesn't get cold in winter :)) a bed with a turquoise blanket and a wolf hide on the floor. I couldn't place much on the second floor because space was limited. Also, I couldn't put a photo of the second floor because it cast a shadow on the second floor while rendering the project. Anyway, there is a desk on the second floor, an envelope on the desk and a big telescope. Because the telescope was also large, it overflowed from part of the roof and rose into the sky. In addition, both floors are covered with detailed lego wooden tiles. The roof can be easily removed and the second floor can be easily accessed and played. In the roof design, I used the stone color I use around the mountain and I got an image as if it was covered with snow.
If you have read the details completely, I would like to thank you very much for your time. If you support my project, you will make me very happy. See you on other projects :)

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