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Portal 2: Aperture Science


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Build the level. Complete the test. Face GLaDOS!

This is a fully playable, custom level of the Aperture Science Enrichment Center. Checkout the video below.

The level is packed with features and moving parts, all coming together to give you an actually-completable test chamber that follows the rules of the video games. Work your way through the level and finally face-off with GLaDOS!

Playable parts:

  • Create portals
  • Move light bridges
  • Deploy panels
  • Spread propulsion gel
  • Turrets & GLaDOS are both highly poseable

Larger moving parts can be controlled from the outside of the set using control parts, so manipulating the level is fast, smooth and easy (and cool)!

Neither the videos, nor the photos show you everything the set does - that would defeat the test!

The set features two chambers; the main test chamber and GLaDOS' chamber above. Custom turrets (different to the dimensions versions), Chell, a companion cube and observation room above the test chamber are also included.

Now you're thinking with portals!

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