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Doctor Who 1997


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If you were born in 1960 you probably know Doctor Who. Doctor Who was created in 1963 it ended in 1987 and restarted in 2005 it is still running with Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman. Doctor Who is about a man that can travel time and space in a Blue Box called The TARDIS.  Plus it's bigger on the inside!

Well this is based on the TV movie from 1997 starring: Sylvester McCoy and Paul Mcgann as The Doctor and many more people in the movie. The TARDIS interior is awesome! It changes almost every regeneration William Hartnell - Patrick __________,Patrick _________ - Jon Pertwee,Jon Pertwee - Tom Baker,Tom Baker - Peter Davidson,Peter Davidson - Colin Baker(Colin Baker and Tom Baker aren't related),Colin Baker - Slyvester McCoy,Slyvester McCoy - Paul McGann,Paul McGann - John Hurt,John Hurt - Christiphoer Eccleston,Christiphoer Eccleston - David Tennant,David Tennant - Matt Smith,Matt Smith - Peter Capaldi.

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