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Raining Tacos


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​Raining Tacos: ​This music video only takes a minute to watch. But, it takes forever to get the song out of your head.

When I first watched the cute internet video, Raining Tacos​, I instantly fell in love with the animation and the song. Watching it again last night, I thought it would be a good idea to make a Lego play set out of the video.

After completing the small project, I sent it to the ​Lego Digital Designer Gallery ​at My sister accidently gave me the idea of posting it to Lego Ideas​, so I took that idea and made it real. Also, I was thinking of posting this model here before she gave me that idea.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I proudly present to you the ​Raining Tacos Lego Play Set!

The ​Raining Tacos Lego Play Set ​is 326 pieces. This set includes three people, a ​Taco Bot 3000​, and a road baseplate. Also, it comes with brick-built tacos, of course.

The Taco Bot 3000 ​has a rotating head and rotating feet. Also, the arms can move to where they can "throw the tacos down," if you will.

The people also rotating heads, just like the ​Taco Bot 3000​. Their arms can flap up and down, but not from side-to-side. They can hold on to tacos, and also sour cream.

I hope you enjoyed viewing my project! Please leave a comment (or two) and tell me what you think of this model. If you have any suggestions for other Lego Ideas ​projects, I am very open to hearing them. Have a good night, everyone! By cheesy. 9/3/2017

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