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Cloud Cuckoo Land Mech


About This Project

This is what Cloud Cuckoo Land will bring out to defend itself next time they are attacked like in the movie. The Cloud Cuckoo Land Mech. It has a large cannon which uses flower power to defeat it's enemies. The hand is capable of holding a minifigure easily. The cockpit can hold any size minifigure or minidoll (Lego Friends characters). Accompanying the mech is Angry Kitty and the winged cyclops who sees all. He just has bad depth perception.

Play Features:

  • Mech is very poseable.
  • It's waist can spin 360 degrees.
  • cockpit open/closes and can hold one minifigure or minidoll (Lego Friends characters).
  • Mech's hand can hold a minifigure.


  • Angry Kitty.
  • The winged cyclops with staff.
  • Lego friends character.(this one is supposed to be my kid. I made this for her).
  • First aid kit.(in cockpit).

This set is really funny and fun to play with. I like the silliness and colors. oh ya the cyclops guys head can glow in the dark. If you like it please support and share. Thank you.

Thank you for your support.



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