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Among Us: ¿Who Is the Impostor?

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"Sorry I'm new. How can I get into the vent like Red did?"
                                                       -A random Among Us player.
This project is based on the famous video game: "Among Us", in which you have to find out who is the impostor among a group of 8-10 astronauts on a ship. I love this game, so I wanted to honor it by doing a LEGO Ideas project.
This 1,152-piece set includes 6 figures with different colors and accessories, and 6 different rooms that connect to form the complete model, based on The Skeld map. The distribution of the rooms is not that of the game, but one adapted to the most important rooms.

The place where all the accusations happen. The cafeteria has the main table with the emergency button, some electricity panels and a window with a view of the space.
The place where everyone looks for people with suspicious behavior. This room has a main computer, a desk, a power panel, and a vent so the impostor can sneak out.
The main control room of the ship. This room has some seats, some computers to control the ship, some electrical panels, and 2 vents.
The most dangerous room in the entire game (all Among Us players can confirm). This room has wires in the floor, panels to control electricity and perform tasks, and a vent.
 -Corridor 1:
This corridor connects the cafeteria and the navigation room. It does not have so many details, it only has a vent.
-Corridor 2:
This hallway connects the cafeteria, electrical room, and security room. This room has a vent and a wall that can be opened to play with the figures inside.

Rooms connection:
The rooms use Technic parts to connect and form the complete model. In this way, you can organize the rooms as you wish or even introduce new rooms.

The figures use the new Minions head piece, they come in 6 different colors and with 4 interchangeable accessories, to customize your figures to your liking.

I think this would be an interesting idea for a LEGO set and if we can reach 10,000 followers, we can help make this idea a reality. So, if you are interested in the project, consider supporting it, it is the best way to help. And if you have any ideas to improve the set, you can leave them in the comments, I will read them.
Thanks for your attention