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This is the Fantasticar, which is a vehicle that the Fantastic Four uses to travel around New York City. The Fantasticar can travel in the air because of its hidden wings and engines. The engines are located on the bottom of the Fantasticar. The engines become wheels when rotated outwards, which helps for driving on land. The set has exactly 345 pieces, which includes the Fantasticar and five mini-figures. This is based on the Fantasticar from the movie Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

The mini-figures are:

Sue Storm, the older sister of Johnny Storm

Johnny Storm, younger brother of Sue Storm

Reed Richards (Mr.Fantastic), the husband of Sue Storm with the power to extend his body (his mini-figure will include an alternate torso to which long arms can be attached)

The Thing (Ben Grimm), one of Sue Storm's friend who can turn into a big rocky guy. The Thing has two stud shooters.

Silver Surfer, who can travel through space with his surfboard and is versing the Fantastic Four. Under his surfboard, there will be a silver spring loaded shooter.

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