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Viking Village

The Idea

Spring has come to the icy cold Viking fjord, the snow has melted and the Vikings have returned!

When I first submitted my original "Viking Village" the support was overwhelming and even after the project reached 10k supporters I received a lot of positive feedback. To honour this support, I decided to create a new and improved version of the "Viking Village". I proudly present you the "Viking Village" version 2.0!

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The Build

The original "Viking Village" consisted of a number of very small structures. This time I wanted the project to really look and feel like a real village. A place people actually lived in. As a result I added bigger houses, lifestock, a market stand, a clothes line and more villagers. I also surrounded the village with a small wooden palisade to give it a more enclosed feeling.

The first "Viking Village" was set in a snowy cold winter environment and the design was in general a bit dark. Maybe a bit too dark for a LEGO set! That's why I wanted the new project to be more colourful and friendly, so I decided to set the project in the spring time and tried to use as many bright colours as possible also added a lot more nature and scenery around the village.

In hindsight the biggest flaw of my first "Viking Village" submission was the omission of a Viking longship. I therefore now included a small (18cm) Viking longship to really complete the look and feel of a small Viking settlement.

The Village consists of 5 main structures:
  1. The chieftain's longhouse with a trapdoor that leads to the cave below
  2. the fisherman's house with a small bed
  3. the blacksmith's shop with a forge furnace and an armour stand
  4. a watchtower with a signal horn
  5. and a small market stand with many goods for sale!

The build consists of 2707 pieces and comes with a pig, two birds and 6 minifigures:
  1. A Viking chieftain
  2. a Viking warrior
  3. the warrior's wife
  4. the warrior's child
  5. a blacksmith
  6. and a fisherman!

Length: 35cm
Width: 35cm
Height: 27cm

Ship length: 18cm

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