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Mariner's River Fortress

This build features 4 levels, a base level, the guarding & planning floor, the dormitory floor, and finally the lookout floor (a.k.a the roof). This build is would be a great addition to your Lego kingdom. It has many uses, one could be a kingdom fort, another a fort of the rebellion, or even a storage area - the possibilities are endless! You can use the feather pen to write a letter to another kingdom, lookout for enemies, and plan out your next move all in this set! It's easy accessibility, beautiful greenery surrounding it, and the many uses for it make it a great Lego set!
Here's a completed list of all the features in the build:
  • Water surrounding the fortress
  • Boat of imported goods
  • 6 Mariner's Kingdom minifigures
  • 1 Alligator
  • 4 Complete Levels (Base - Guard Floor - Bunk Floor - Lookout Floor)
  • Trees and greenery surrounding the fortress
  • A ladder on the side for easy access to different levels
  • A modular design making it easy to remove levels
  • Loading dock in the base of the model for boats
  • Hatch & ladder attached to the lookout floor (roof)
  • Bunkbed & Writing Desk
Thanks for checking this out and be sure to support and share with your friends!

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