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Lego Camp Wanocksett


     That's right! After several years of lying dormant I've returned with my project. So here it is, the updated Lego Camp Wanocksett. What persuaded me to try again was when Camp Wanocksett itself called out my original project on their Facebook page located HERE. I was so ecstatic that I just had to reupload it (this time with proper spelling).

     Anyways, onto the project itself. Like the original it includes tents, trees, and a firepit. Unlike the original, however, there is a latrine and pop-up canopy over a picnic table. I especially like the building technique I used for the tree's roots and am quite proud of myself for it. It uses the "parabolic ring" piece and several clipped plates. Gas lamps are also placed around the campsite, based off of Sioux as it just so happens.

     Several figures are included as well. All based off boys in the troop. Declan, Miles, Ethan, Owen, AJ, Trey, Brenden, and Mr. Sullivan, as well as a turkey and a few spiders. Of course I had to add in a fruit costume, just sort of an inside joke.

     And that's it, if you've ever had the pleasure of going to Camp Wanocksett, or any other boy scout camp for that matter, why not support this project? I was shocked when Wanocksett found my old project but then I realized that there's a community who might be interested in supporting it! With over 2,000,000 scouts in the US alone, it'll be a cinch to get this to 10,000 supporters and we might actually get an official boy scout set!

     So click that support button! There is no way that something negative can come from it! Just sign up and support today! If you got this far reading I'd like to thank you for your help, and remember to stay trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obidient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent!

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