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Jurassica: Small Raptor Containment Unit

Welcome to a new idea on my page! This project has a new style, but is still my favorite LEGO theme. Dinosaurs! This is the first creation in a new series of builds I will be doing on my page called "Jurassica". Jurassica is a wildlife refuge that cares for, and protects exotic reptiles, birds, and everyone's favorite, DINOSAURS! I hope you like this set, because there's more Jurassica coming soon! This set is like a dino base. It has a mini dino enclouser, a crain, and two mini figures (and the dino ofcoures! ) The mini figures are the guard, to stop any escaped dinos, and a zookeeper, to feed and care for our little raptor. The crain can lift supplies, storage items, dino food, and in some cases, the dino! I hope you like this project, and support it!

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