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Haunted Stone Watchtower

The Four New Adventurers went to the old Watchtower after many people had gone missing in the area, even from the Nearby Village, and they checked the watchtower out for any hint but is it a trap or not?
They have been told there was an Old Legend related to the Old Watchtower from nearby villager who said ‘’Long time ago, the Watchtower contained a bulk of soldiers to protect it borderline from the enemy and in it a battle, all but two survived the battle who is a Sorcerer and his pupil, but they too will fell due to poison they contracted in the battle. The Warlock who watched the battle nearby cursed both Sorcerer and his pupil to be bound to the tower forever, haunted in death thus become the Lich and Eldritch Lich together with their minds twisted, and the warlock left the site. No one knew what evil cursed magic the Lichs is are doing even to this day.
This idea was made for the Dungeon and Dragon idea contest, and I enjoyed it. This Idea contain pieces and 7 minifigures which are Lich, Eldritch Lich, Banshee, Dwarven Warrior, Elven Sorcerer, Goliath Paladin, and Human Hunter. Also contain Mimic which was inside the Tower. The Tower got three floors inside, on the lower floor is the Mimic Room to store the mimic and minifigures. The middle floor is the entrance of the tower that only goes up to the roof, and the roof is the top floor where the Eldritch Lich reside.

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