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Clayface's Theatre Hideout

Clayface was an actor in the comics and cartoons and so I thought he should have a theatre as his hideout. I got the idea from Arkham City when batman fights clayface. LEGO nor anybody for Cuusoo had made a lego clayface set so I thought I should be the first. By the way this is just a starter set, I need ideas from you lego cuusoo people for what the set should be like.
Here are the minifigs

Clayface (which I think looks pretty cool) is a painted Eruptor from the Power Miners series. I think batman should get a new molded piece included with him in this set that is a freeze gadget he uses to freeze clayface. The trans blue stud would be the color. I do plan to add a clayface minfig if i get like 50 supporters.

The setting is in an abandoned theatre that Clayface adopted. The set alone has a theatre screen with torn drapes, a broken down movie player box, and a floor with a coulple of scattered seats.

I need help with coming of with some features, vehicles, henchmen, ect. so please comment giving me ideas of what I should and shouldn't have.

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