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Thunder Road


From the 80's classic, "Explorers", it's the Thunder Road. Named after the Bruce Springstien song of the same name by Darren, this label beat out Ben's "Jules Verne" and Wolfgang's "Einstein", much to my appreciation (no offense). Made out an old Tilt-a-Whirl, Trash Can, TV, Storage Chest, and various other items from the junkyard, the three boys built their own spaceship, powered by a computer generated force field that took them to the stars.


This model is made of over 2800 pieces, and does it's best to feature the road signs, air tank, and computer that went into the movie's original prop. The side doors are hinged and open, while the top half of the chest is loosely secured to the top of the ship, enabling the model to open in the same manner as its movie counterpart. The offset wheels also help to give the model the unruly and awkward rolling movement that enabled the Tilt-a-Whirls to completely jar the inner ears of countless fair goers.

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