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Gen Z Apartment Room

A Living room that is inside of an apartment that is being rented by a Gen Zer. The Apartment is filled with posters and a couch that is littered with messy food. The TV is very large for an apartment and it is a small , minifigure sized room part. The room has multiple connection points for custom minifigs to be placed onto. The couch is a custom design that uses plates and hinges to create a recognizable couch look. The posters are attached using SNOT bricks and are posters from other random sets. I wanted to make this set because it represents what i believe is a good representation of the modern living room of a Gen Zer. The set is also easy to build and interactive, helping younger builders have more fun.
I feel this should be a LEGO set because it has many colors and is a fun decoration for any type of room. It could also give builders' custom minifigures a place to be positioned in and to relax in.

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