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Wig Shop and Florist

Do you need a new wig or some flowers? Well, then you should visit my shops.

My project should present a building with such shops. I have different wigs for women and men and also flowers of different sizes, shapes and colors. 

My reason I built it is that more and more people get cancer and die from it. That's why I thought about it and decided to build a wig shop. In my opinion everyone should be happy, whether with wigs or flowers and plants and that these people should also have the opportunity to have their own hairstyle and to fell good with themselves. Furthermore it would fit in a city of LEGO perfectly. These are two shops that can be found in almost every big city and that should of course be presented in the LEGO City as well.

I think that my project could be sold as a LEGO set because such a building could also be combined with the other LEGO sets from previous years. Besides, the wig shop is something that doesn't exist yet.

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