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1970s Sultana Megaliner


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Hi Guys,
Here my next creation.
A bus station with a Megaliner bus from "Tres Estrellas de Oro"
of the bus brand "Sultana". "The Mexican megalin bus manufacturer".
This creation, too, arose a long time ago,
Which I have reworked in the last weeks, along with the other vehicles and creation.
My passion for fancy creation is quite obvious, isn’t it? :-)
Well, eventually it’s fun to create new stuff and recreate old ideas.
But now regarding this movie-theme vehicle:
By chance, I found this bus on the Internet and found the design so good that I had to make it easy.
It is a bus station with a "1970s Sultana" Megaliner bus of the Bus Travel Company "Tres Estrellas de Oro".
I have created the kit so that it is expandable to another bus lane.
This "Sultana" bus reminds very strongly of the American Greyhound buses from the 60s and 70s and not quite without reason.
Because the Mexican company Trailers de Monterrey has, in the 1950s, adapted to the US American Greyhound buses a medium-distance bus brought out. And in the 60's a four-axle megaliner as a long-distance bus on the road brought along the model of their medium-distance bus. Also this bus reminds very strongly of the American Greyhound buses.
Now Lego City has also an adequate bus station and long-distance bus in which the inhabitants of Lego City can travel comfortably and look at the beautiful landscapes on the road, If you supported this bus station :-)
In this project, my effort was to the make it as realistic as possible.
And with door, of course.
With this model, I would like to enrich the Lego world so that the little and big kids can play with it… or can simply collect it.
If you like buses and Lego
So, please hit the support button.
Also comment on the model below.
Keep on building! ;-)

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