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The Black Bull: A Ship Within A Ship

You won't find this in any book, movie, or TV show this is my own completely original idea it might look like just an ordinary spaceship but when you take off the easily removable top it reveals another smaller spaceship inside of it I call it the black bull because I put pieces in the back that look like bull horns this is a creation I think many people will enjoy because it is unique it is not copyrighted from a movie or TV show it is my own completely original idea. Kids will enjoy it because they love spaceships, and adults will love it too because it makes a great display piece, just like my Titanic. I had this idea a while back not sure how I came up without it. I just had a thought for basically a cargo ship. A really cool black spaceship that carries a smaller ship inside it. I suppose it can also be used an escape pod, but I just thought it was a cool idea. It doesn't matter if it doesn't get approved or get 10,000 supporters I just want people to see it and hope they like it.

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