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Teenager Room


This set is inspired by my room.

My room is a little smaller and some of the features are not in their position because of the scale but the general idea is the same.

Some of the rooms features:

  • Working desk with drawers and a computer
  • A shelve over the desk
  • A huge bed with pillows covered with a blanket
  • A snowboard over the bed
  • A flat screen TV
  • A DVD over the TV
  • Lots of shelves in the wall
  • A watch over the door
  •  Huge wall closet with sliding doors
  • A sliding window
  • 2 mirrors: one the wall and in the closet

This set has some things thrown around:

  • Briefcase
  • Magnifying glass
  • A present
  • A Frog sculpture
  • A kitten
  • Shoes box
  • 2 Cacti

You can add plenty of stuff to the closet, there is lots of space there.

Hope you guys like it,

Because I like living there =]

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