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BrickFood Dining

BrickFood Dining
Feeling hungry? Come to BrickFood Dining for your meal! It has indoor and outdoor seating and an extensive menu. The building exterior shows several of the things on the menu-burgers, hot dogs, pizza, fries, and ice cream. They also serve pretzels and croissants and even have a drink machine with four flavors. The kitchen contains and oven with a stovetop, cabinets and counters, and a freezer. This is where two of this idea‘s six minifigures are- the head chef and the other cook. At the checkout counter there are two places, but only one cashier, selling a customer a hot dog and fries. In the corner there is a drink machine with four flavors, a napkin dispenser, and mustard and ketchup bottles. The indoor dining area seats six, and has a door to the outdoor dining area. The outdoor dining area is accessible by a staircase, and has two tables with four seats each, one of which is currently in use by a boy and his dad. It has a fence for the safety of children, and a skylight looking into the inside dining area. 

Favorite Parts
I really like how the big food on top turned out. My inspiration for this build was actually the burger, which I had made for another model. I especially like the ice cream, because of the complex way it is attached. I also like the way it opens and the drink machine.

The biggest challenge was the big ice cream. I wanted to use toilet bowls as scoops, but it took me about an hour to find a way that worked. Another challenge was the lack of bricks. This made me decide to use a multicolored scheme, and I think it turned out nicely.

Other Notes

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