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Among Us / the Skeld

Ok here it is this is my version of The Skeld based on Among Us well The Skeld, I've spent allot of time and effort to make this and I will make sure to keep updating the build so you guys can see the small changes, I will build it to the fullest so you guys can maybe have this as a real lego set, I am also making the admin room when it's done I will update the page for you guys to see.

If you would like to see this as an actual lego set make sure to support and tell friends to support!
And watch out! Anyone could be the imposter?

For now this is The Skeld!  

Photo 1 - The Map
Photo 2 - Weapons Room
Photo 3 - The Cafeteria
Photo 4 - The Characters 

Disclaimer This is not done yet and is more like a rough draft, the more support shows me that people want this, Thanks and I'll keep on updating!

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