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Scania R560 Dumper

It is the only truck that I made that has a working transmission. If you attached a motor to the engine shaft and put the motor in one direction, then with the transmission then you can determine the direction of the truck. It dumps, even though I do not have a picture, about 45 degrees. There are two outriggers, one on each side, and they go down by using the 42043 system. The cab tilts forward, to reveals a V12 engine. The bumper tilts with the cab forward, and then you have to push it back. The cab locks with the steering shaft. You have to pull it up, and then it is released. I built this truck with one intention: so that is it gets the 10k, then there is a replacement set of 42043.

I believe that this would be a great set, not because I built it, but because all my friends say this thing is awesome.

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