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Nelson's Column

           From the top of these 55cm, the famous Admiral Horatio Nelson can admire the sea. Protected by his 4 lions, the admiral is not afraid of any enemy arriving on Trafalgar Square. Its greatness is represented through 4 sculptures placed on the 4 sides of the monument.
           When you are a fan of the LEGO Architecture, it is difficult to look at a monument without thinking about what it would be in LEGO. During one of my exhibitions, I could admire a magnificent Luxembourg monument with 2 lions in LEGO. The lions were so representative that I immediately started the construction of one of these famous animals. But wanting always more, I remembered a movie in which lions came to life in London and when I saw an image of Nelson's column, I immediately knew that I had to build it in LEGO and 7 months after there it is. The Nelson's Column all in LEGO, measuring 42x42x60 cm.
           Looking after differents Architecture sets, no ones represent faithfully the 4 lions and the Amiral, so I hope that you will like and support my project.

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