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Yellow Taxi


Hello everyone, Here is my new idea called Yellow Taxi Cab Car, This idea comes with a road and white lines, a taxi driver with hat, cell phone, taxi cab waiting stand, bench, sign, taxi sign, speed sign, highway safety light, a white sports bag on the back of the cab, a passenger, a cell phone, a suitcase. Inside the yellow taxi cab you have a driving wheel, a yellow seat, a back self for a seat, two yellow doors, a red brake light inside. On the back side of the yellow taxi cab you have two small selfs, and a place to put bags on the back. On the top you have a white rectangular lightbar with two orange lights, two green circles, two green lights on top of the green circles and a taxi sign. I built this idea because Lego have not done any Taxi cabs and this one looks great. This was easy to build and would be great for any set that Lego makes. It is suitable for everyone. Thanks for your time. Your Lego fan and builder Treetop2017!

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