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Monsters, Inc.


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This set recreates the main characters from Pixar's 2001 animated picture “Monsters, Inc.”. All were built using LEGO Digital Designer (LDD), and make generous use of joints to make them very playable and poseable. Below is a brief description of each model (in no particular order):

Mike Wazowski

Approx Dimensions: Height 10 cm x Width 8 cm
Number of Pieces: 142

Mike features joints at the shoulders, wrists, fingers, thumbs, hips, and knees. Of particular note is the shape of the mouth, which is formed using an upside down 1x6 brick with bow. It was definitely a challenge getting Mike's body shape right – he's not quite round in “real” life! Here I've added an additional image of Mike with some optional accessories (hardhat, clipboard, and pencil).

Sully (a.k.a James P. Sullivan)

Approx Dimensions: Height 20 cm x Width 13.5 cm
Number of Pieces: 608

Due to his size, Sully is the most articulated of the 3 models. He features ball joints at his shoulders, hips, ankles, and tail; hinged joints at his elbows, fingers and thumbs; and swivel joints at his torso and wrists. I spent the most amount of time trying to get his head and face correct. I'm reasonably happy with the result. Oh, the horns are actually bananas!


Approx Dimensions: Height 8.5 cm x Width 5 cm
Number of Pieces: 99

Boo, in homemade monster costume, features ball joints at her shoulders. Her feet can be turned sideways, and the lid to her costume can be hinged open. Perhaps the biggest challenge here was getting the mop hair correct. Though this is without doubt the simplest of the 3 models, it is also my favourite. And it was definitely more fun building Boo with the costume than building Boo without the costume!

Comments, questions, and constructive feedback of this set is greatly appreciated.

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