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Modular Inner City Police Station

This is a Modular Build of a modern inner city Police station on the outside we have three floors and a two storey annex. The outside of the building is simple in style but features some column and round brick features.
On the first floor we have a reception desk, waiting area, water cooler, house plant, wide screen tv and a holding cell with seat and toilet. Stairs lead our detectives up to the second floor, on the second floor, we have an equipment area on hooks, a doorway to a balcony overlooking the city, two desks seat our detectives as they crack the latest cases. Wanted posters on one wall, a glass wall to write up any leads between the two desks. Also on this floor is the police necessity, a coffee machine. Stairs lead up to the third floor.
On the third floor is a waiting room with a eye retina identification lock, to the most modern of forensic laboratory, a sterile glass office houses, two state of the art DNA trackers, fingerprint identification and other laboratory necessities. A ladder leads to the roof, which house the air filtration system.
Outside again and into the annex separated by a road barrier and car port roof. the ground floor consists of the dog team, a kennel for the police dog and an office area for the Riot squad, upstairs we have the radio logistics expert who controls where the police are while at the same time listening out for crooks on their cell phones.
This set comes with two vehicles, a police motorbike and a police riot van, 12 mini figures and a police dog. The mini figures are 2 crooks, 3 riot squad police, a chief of police, motorcycle cop, two plain clothed detectives, dog handler and dog, radio logistics expert and forensics specialist. Everything you need for a police force in the modern Lego city. Thanks for looking would love your support! 

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