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A Good Doggo!

Woof! Woof!

Here's a happy little Doggo for your desk, and who doesn't love a good boy. :) I built this as we're looking for a dog ourselves, but can't get one until the end of next year as we have some travel coming up... so this friendly pup will have to keep us company for now, and what a good job he's doing!

I've made his ears, mouth, tail and paws poseable, and his head can tilt to those cute positions that will make your day every time you seem him.

I'd look to include a range of different eyepieces, so you can customise your Doggo, to reflect what you and your desktop needs... but it's hard to not stick with those smily eyes!

Please help me get this desk doggo on to the shelves and onto desktops everywhere!


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