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Pirates - The Bell Tower

This is an idea for a new Pirates line collection. This is the bell tower for the imperial soldiers. There are two big doors to access the tower, a second level for the commodore, and the third level with the big bell.
The third level can be easily removed to play inside the commodore room.
This set is really easy to build for children 7-12, but is already indicated for AFOL with rock works and special SNOTS technics.

As suggested by MrViscom78, there can be a sound brick with the bell sound.

Other side view. The set contains 1 imperial soldier, 1 pirate, the commodore, one monkey and one parrot. There's also a crab on the base plate (on the back). Look at the weathercock on top of the tower.

The rock entry contains also a torch, a crate and a barrel.

Back side view

Ye be warned ! Yoho ! I'm gonna ring your bell (with help of two technics bricks...) !

You can see inside the commodore room by removing the upper part of the tower.

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