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Instax Mini Instant Camera With Pictures Included!

Hey Lego fans and friends,

My idea is for Lego to make an official Instax Instant camera with pictures. I conceived and built this Idea because I'm a photography fan at heart, and I've always loved Instant cameras. Also, I'm a sucker anything with a retro feel to them. There is something really cool about having a tangible photo after taking the picture. Lego has now expanded from bricks to Art and Fashion, I see Photography as a natural progression and expansion of the brand. Let's jump into the build:

The piece count for this set is around 750-800 pieces.

Camera Features:

  • 16 Studs wide x 4 2/3 Studs Deep x 12 Bricks high (very close to the dimensions of an actual Instax instant camera)
  • Able to load One Instant picture at a time 
  • The picture number counter rotates as the picture leaves the camera
  • The mechanism to "take the photo" is activated by turning the lens 

Picture Features:

  • The Pictures' are 10x6 studs each and tiled on both sides (Actual Instax photos are 11x7 studs)
  • The photo section of each picture is 7x4 studs
  • Comes with a "three picture stand" and a "one picture stand" for display

Lego will be able to get really creative with the camera and photo colors, as well as the pictures themselves. I'm excited to see what the Lego design team would come up with.

I hope you all enjoy and feel free to Support and leave comments below. I really appreciate the Lego community.

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