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Unblock The Brick


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This game is designed based on a puzzle game called Rush Hour. Rush Hour is a sliding block puzzle invented by Nob Yoshigahara in the 1970s. To increase the difficulty, I added 3 more chess pieces, and changed the position of the exit. This game is extremely portable, compact and of course fun. It is perfect to play with your family members and it trains your brain and increase your IQ. This game is colourful and attractive, so you can place it at home as a decoration.

How to play?
Select a game card and place the bricks on the playing board according to size and colour of the bricks as indicted by the illustration given in the game cards. Slide the bricks either up or down for vertical bricks, left or right for horizontal bricks. You cannot lift any bricks off the playing board. Try your best to move the red brick out the exit on the right side of the playing board with minimum steps.

Who can play?
Age 8 or above. There are 5 levels (Easy, Medium, Hard, Advanced, Expert) including 50 challenges.

What's inside?
One playing board with 2 layers (16x16 stud footprints), 19 chess pieces and 50 game cards (10x8 stud plates).

Please click the support button if you'd like to see LEGO make this a set! Leave a comment if you have the solutions of the challenges, any feedback or ideas. I'd love to hear what you think and will be glad to update the project. Thank you very much!

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