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The Drop Coaster


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Attention Thrill Seekers...
After 6 months of construction, The Drop Coaster is finally open to visitors!

Hold your breath as you soar down the track to the ground beneath, throw your hands in the air as you fly around the banked turn, and don't forget to Smile for the camera!! Bursting with colour and fun, this model offers something new and exciting for Lego builders and thrill seekers alike!

  •   2,999 pieces
  •   6 Minifigures, including: 1 Ride Operator, 4 roller coaster enthusiasts, and 1 (mischievous) child.
  •   Functional lift tower
  •   Working Brakes
  •   90 degree Vertical Drop!

How It Works:
The red crank (next to the station) controls a piece of track inside the lift tower, making it move up or down depending on which direction you turn the crank. When at the bottom of the lift tower, the track aligns perfectly to allow the cars to enter the lift smoothly. When the crank is turned, the track will move up through the tower carrying the cars until it reaches a stopper at the top, where the track will align with the rest of the model to prevent any derailments! Simply push the red button behind the lift to send the cars (and fearless passengers) flying around the track! 

As the cars enter the station, they are slowed by a set of brakes which are slotted between the track pieces. The brakes work by creating friction with a small part on the underside of the cars. Turn the crank to pick up the next set of riders and carry them to the top of the lift! 

The Model:
I created this model because I wanted to see coaster track used in new ways. After experimenting with some track I owned, I set out to build the first vertical roller coaster on Lego Ideas...

Keeping the model under the 3000 piece limit was the biggest challenge for me because most roller coasters are really big! I couldn't use a normal lift hill because of the size and amount of supports it would require, so instead I designed a lift tower. Although the model is big, it is very sturdy and full of reinforcement underneath.

Thank You:
I wanted to push the boundaries of what can be done with Lego Bricks by building something unique and completely from scratch. I hope you are as happy as I am with the result!

If you want to see The Drop Coaster become a reality, please consider supporting it ~ Your supports go a long way on the road to 10k! I am more than happy to respond to questions in the comments!!

Let's make the dream a reality,

 ~ Whacky Brick ~

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