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Odyssey - The Kestrel

The Kestrel - The Odyssey Core's assault mothership

For those of you who have been following me and my projects since I joined Ideas a couple of months ago, you may remember the first project I ever uploaded was this very project, The Kestrel.

There is a reason for re-uploading it. The Kestrel was the flagship model of an entire series of models that I'd designed, and I did have the intention of uploading all of those models alongside the original Kestrel, but clearly I never got round to it, having been distracted by my other theme ideas like Exo-Force Abyss.

However, now that the original Kestrel has expired, and since joining Ideas I've got to grips with POV-Ray, I thought that this could be a clean slate, and I could re-upload The Kestrel and also share with you my other model ideas as well subsequently, with a bit of the POV-Ray treatment to boot.

The Odyssey Core are an intergalactic empire, who, using their extremely hi-tech equipment, are on the course of settling on every single planet in The Milky Way. They claim that their intention is to unite the galaxy, but many are sceptical, and think that there is something far deeper and more sinister to their plans...

The Kestrel is the Odyssey Core's flagship carrier. It's the largest and most powerful vehicle in their fleet (not including the mothership carriers). The model measures over 70cm long, and contains 2286 pieces. If you were to scale it up so that it was real life sized (calculated by scaling up a minifigure to the size of an average human), The Kestrel would be 31.5m (103.3ft) long!

I know some of you have already seen this model, but for those of you who haven't, I do hope you like it. And even for those who have already seen (and hopefully supported) it, you can now enjoy it in POV-Ray form!

Thanks in advance for the support and feedback, and be sure to tune back in for more projects.



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