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Gnome's Tree Stump

Tree stump, thick bottom part left after the tree is cut down. Some try hard to remove it but It will be a perfect place for a bit of gnome to live in. These attractive characteristics of the tree stump are why I made the set 'Gnome's Tree Stump'

To introduce my idea more specifically, there are 8 irregular dead roots around the bottom of the stump. oh, one of them was the door leading to a gnome's secret place! As you go up to the tree's trunk, there is a rough surface of the dead tree. At the top, you will see a cut section of the tree decayed, so you even can't see the growth ring of the tree. If you take off the top cover, you will be able to see the inside.

Inside the stump, you will find out the small secret place of the gnome. There is a fireplace that will keep the inside warm and bright, table with some papers on it, a mysterious treasure box, and a shelf with interesting stuff.

I think my idea will make a great Lego set because of its small number of parts and the appearance that will be a great decoration.

Thanks a lot for reading and if you think my idea is good, please press the supporting button!

  • 1493 Part
  • 1 Minifigure
  • Detachable cover

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