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Project Hotrod Cruiser


Imagine the thrill, excitement and joy of seeing those beautiful Hot rod custom cars and show stoppers.  Hearing their mighty engines bubbling and popping with horsepower.  The elegant paint job, detailed interior and those amazing doors!  Now you can have your very own custom gasser with with removable top, motor, opening doors, adjustable seats all with simple, clean design.  


I am trying to create a very elegant, simple, mean cruising machine that I would love to own myself.  Every Lego piece serves a purpose here and adds if not distinguishes itself to artistically create this beautiful duece coupe.  Dark red bricks, tan interior, metallic silver components all subtly utilized in just the right amounts.  I also wanted to leave room for improvements if so desired.  Maybe a larger engine, turbo, chrome wheels and radiator as well?  Full fenders, glass windshield, tail lights and more perhaps.  Just like the real version, always a work in progress, updating and changing parts can allow one to revisit a Lego model and change things up from time to time.  


I think this kit would be a great addition for lego collectors, auto entustiasts, but especially the kid inside all of us.  With minimal parts, great colors, endless fun and imagination, this one is sure to please.  


Please comment and vote if you too enjoy this model.  Possible future enhancements to include chrome additions, wheel selection and more.  Thank you and great day.

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