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MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam (Advanced)



Zeta Advanced is version 2.0 of my 1st Lego Zeta Gundam built earlier this year.

Zeta Gundam is famous for being the 1st fully transformable Gundam in the series, transforming from a mobile suit (MS) into an atmospheric re-entry vehicle or simply Wave Rider (WR Mode). 

Improvements include a more faithful rendition of the headsculpt, better weight distribution for posing as well as a marked reduction of parts. Innovations include movable locking armour as well as multi-jointed feet to achieve dynamic off-CG posing. Balancing form and function, Zeta Advanced is very poseable with over 45 joints, and is also very sturdy as well (as seen in the transformation video below).


Specifications (MS Mode):

Height: 190mm 

Width: 130mm

Specifications (WR Mode):

Length: 220mm

Wingspan: 190mm

Displacement: 0.27Xg


Brick Count: 6XX pcs

Cost: $????

- 10248 F40 Ferrari x 1

- 10252 VW Beetle x 1

- 75148 Encounter on Jakku x 1

- 70588 Titanium Ninja Tumbler x 2

- 21307 Caterham Seven 620R x 2

- Existing elements from my inventory

Degrees of Freedom: 45

(10 on each limb, excluding binders and armour)

External Links

I have built a photo album on Flickr and Facebook with over 35 photos detailing the thought process and rationale in designing my Zeta Advanced. 

With many excellent Lego Gundam MOCs around, I hope my Zeta Advanced will bring a new dimension and aspect to Lego Mecha & Transforming MOCs. Please support and share in Zeta's journey to 10,000 votes and to the toy store near you. Thank you!


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